Current Projects

Fireball--Tractor Quest I

This is Fireball.  What's wrong with this picture?  It looks at first glance to be a Ford 8N.  Look again.

Eagle--Tractor Quest II

This is Eagle, a 1948 Case VAI.  It lost a tire whilst being loaded.  Eagle wouldn't roll, so we dragged.

The Farmall A--Tractor Quest III

This is what it looked like in the 1970's.  No holes in rubber or sheet metal.

 The Case D--Tractor Quest IV

The deal did not include the rear tires.  Don't kid yourself.  You can't change these without special tools.

The 1956 JD 420-I

     This one involved a one-day 923 mile roundtrip to Texas, getting stuck, a broken windshield, tons of used cat litter, poison ivy and a pretty gal.  It just doesn't get any better than this.

Big Red--Belarus Rehab

Big Red is our old standby.  It's 20 years old and needs a little patching up.

A Gristmill???

It needed a good home.  We couldn't let it rot.

Questing--Photo Gallery

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